What Offers Can You Expect to Benefit from When Buying a New Vauxhall?

Trying to decide whether to buy a new or a used car? In today’s economic climate, the majority of buyers are turning to used cars to save their hard-earned cash. So, in a bid to tempt buyers to invest in new, rather than used models, many manufacturers and dealerships are starting to offer great incentives.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best offers you can expect to benefit from when buying a new Vauxhall.

Free holiday stays

Fancy a holiday? If you buy a new Vauxhall at certain dealerships, you could get a free holiday stay thrown in. You’ll receive vouchers when you purchase selected models from companies such as Peter Vardy.

You don’t need to purchase the car outright to benefit from this deal either. There are great finance options available, making a new Vauxhall one of the best vehicles you can buy in terms of incentives.

0% finance deals

Of course, some of the best deals you can find on new cars, are finance deals. When buying a new Vauxhall, you’ll find a great range of finance deals on offer, including great 0% finance deals. Some dealerships even provide 0% finance deals for 5 years, giving you plenty of time to save and pay off the car before the interest kicks in. This is awesome, given that Vauxhall models are also affordable to purchase anyway. They easily rival Ford in terms of cost and reliability.

As always, it’s worth reading the small print of these finance deals before you take them out. Not all finance deals are as good as they sound and if you don’t pay off the car before the end of the deal, you could end up paying far more than you would without the deal in place.

Long guarantees

Another offer you’ll see when you’re looking for a new Vauxhall, is long guarantees. While they don’t beat the impressive 7-year warranty supplied by Kia, you’ll still find compared to many of its competitors, Vauxhall warranties are fairly long.

These are just some of the offers you can expect to benefit from when you buy a new Vauxhall. It’s worth shopping around to see exactly what deals are available at the time you’re thinking of buying. Remember to check out the terms and conditions however, as some offers definitely aren’t as great as they sound.  


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