Never Before Seen Insights Into A vehicle Scissor Lift

A car lift is an essential device for a home garage and repair shop. It comes in handy during vehicle maintenance and repair. A lift is one of the most usedequipment in a repair shop. The market is full of different car liftdesigns to serve the various requirements of customers. When you have one or more cars at home, parking might be a problem. This is another situation where having a car lift is worth the investment. Take a look at these never before seen insight into a vehicle scissor lift.

Understanding a scissor lift

The scissor stylelifts include lifts that raise the vehicle with accordion typemechanism under the runways. A scissor lift is either drive-on orfour arm style depending on the cylinder configuration. The most common application of scissor lifts is for mid lift hoisting. It comes in handy to lift your car to an appropriate height that enables wheel service.

Scissor lifts are subdivided into three groups including:

  • X type scissor lift
  • Parallelogram scissor lift
  • Pantograph scissor lift

These lifts come in a range of capacities and heights to match the needs of professional mechanics or car owners who prefer doing maintenance on their vehicles. Low rise scissor lifts can go to about 36 inches high. Mid rise car lifts reach raise about 36 to 48 inches while a full rise scissor lift go way up beyond that.

There’s more

Not all scissor lifts are small. Parallelogram design lifts are known to be among the heaviest lifts on the market. It’s true that car scissor lifts exponentially grow in size for larger capacity categories. Scissor design lifts keep a low profile and are easy to mount with no hassles. Additionally, very little effort is required to position the vehicle on the scissor lift.

What to expect from a scissor lift

Do you have a large family with many drivers? It’s obvious that the garage can’t accommodate all the cars in the family. Parking the cars side by side in the yard make them prone to damage from weather elements and thieves. Additionally, it deprives you of space necessary for family entertainment and other outdoor activities. A scissor lift comes in handy to utilise the vertical space in your garage by doubling the parking space. Apart from the home garage, a car lift is also useful for creating additional space in public buildings.

Installing a scissor lift is applicable in indoor and outdoor are as such as basement and yard. Luckily, you can customize the lift to match your environment and application requirements. This is according to factors such as:

  • Loading capacity
  • Lifting height
  • Height of the car
  • Plat form size

You have to ensure that you choose a lift that matches your requirements and work environment.

Final word

With options such as a lift with more than one story, you’ll save considerably the money you’d have used for a garage extension or for off site parking. A quality scissor lift will come in handy to meet all your parking and maintenance requirements.


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