Dos and Don’ts: How to Get Rid of Your Old Car?

There comes the moment in the lifespan of a car when it is no longer secure or operable to use.  Besides, if you keep driving an older car that is not sound, you could sustain a bulky fine and some redundant points on your driving license along with the risk of ending up in a hospital. For countless drivers that may have possessed just a single vehicle for many years, they may be clueless about how to actually chuck out a vehicle; simply because they have never had to do so earlier. Here is a guide on what should and should not be practiced while getting rid of your old car.

1. Do Proper Research

You may be a rookie in the car dismantling affairs, but don’t look like one. Research is the power available from multiple sources, even a PC and the internet for that matter. Open your browser and search for potential car dismantlers near you who will pick your car up and assess it in terms of spares to evaluate its worth. Usually, these Scrap Cars Auckland offer good value if it contains valuable spare parts.

2. Do not DIY

Yes, that’s the most important don’t here. You may be an elite DIYer in the house who can effortlessly replace the house wiring or can fix the TV and fridge in a jiffy, but cars don’t work like that. You may think that your car wrecker will cheat you and earn more profit than you do. But that’s not the case in old cars, you will get the exact quotes of your car. But is you step out there and try to sell your car parts by parts in order to earn quick cash for a car, then chances of you getting a lemon are high.

3. Do Clean the Clutter

You would not like if your precious lighter is left behind on the car or some important documents are lying on the dashboard. It is a usual courtesy to clean your car for documents, belongings, and other stuff. Also, it would be great if you give your car a proper washing service before presenting it ahead of the car wrecker. This will save the time of the technician to clean your car and he will, in turn, provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

4. DO not Fade Away

We understand that you might be busy in your business and you don’t have time to respond to unnecessary issues. But, your car wrecker may avoid your car if you avoid his phone call! Always exchange contact numbers while you hand your car over to the car scrapyard. And be available to respond to the call from there. Your car will remain unattended for the amount of time you will consume to respond to the queries of your car wrecker. Who knows, you might also lose a fantastic deal during your inattentive period.

5. Do receive Tax Deduction

Though you can’t receive direct cash rewards if you recycle your car, you can indirectly get cash benefits. There are norms of car recycling stating that if you recycle your car as per environmental regulations set by authorities, you can receive tax deductions. Recycle your car in an eco-friendly way to claim these tax deductions. This way, you can also feel a sense of content as you have responsibly carried out your duties towards nature by recycling your car instead of throwing it in a landfill site.

6. Do not be Naïve

If you are opting for recycling your car, then you must recycle it in a competent place. The government provides licenses to car salvaging agencies. Make sure you partner with only registered and approved car wreckers. As a result, you will enjoy king-like benefits of free pickup, faster quotes, competitive deals, and assistance in tax deduction reforms. Hence, do not be unaware of the benefits around you and be a little active to sell your old car.

Keep in mind these points and you will mostly come out of this field with flying colors. Car recycling is a tricky task but can give you equal benefits as selling a secondhand car if carried out properly.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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