Water Fountain

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4:01 pm




Water Fountain


I’m looking forward to a winter with you.

Being in your arms is what I need.

I had a dream of us, on Sunday night, as

I awoke an image of you, I could clearly


We were sitting together, near a water fountain.

I was holding you close.

Just the two of us.

No words.

I just had this feeling of love, as I held you close to me.

That’s why, I’m looking forward to the winter with you,

Bundled up, drinking tea.


I’m looking forward to all the lazy,

Rainy afternoons with

You, watching movies, and drinking hot chocolate.

I know we will keep each other warm at night.

Every morning will be spent in bed,

Being warm and cozy,

Just a little bit longer.


The fountain tells me you are my solace.

With you I will heal.


The pain of my past will quickly disappear.

This is what your presence tells me,

As surely as

I heard that water fountain in my dream.



What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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