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The third step of the Factory Tour.

The third step of the traveling exhibition Factory Tour was the Moravian-Silesian city OPAVA. The opening and exhibition took place in the Municipal House Gallery  24. 10. – 9. 12. 2018.

Mr. gallerist Jan Kunze spoke at the opening of the importance of this exhibition. In 2018 (August 6), ninety years have passed since the birth of Andy Warhol – the last Renaissance artist to positively influence the culture of the 1960s. He was not only a great artist, but also a film director, producer of major music groups and the founder and operator of FACTORY. His work influenced perhaps all the most important artists active mainly in the 60s and 70s. The aim of the project is to draw attention not only to Andy Warhol’s work, but also to his influence on our art culture – art, film, and music.

He spoke about how the idea of addressing Czech artists came about two years ago. Almost thirty Czech or Slovak artists have created their own original homage to AW. At this point it is important to say that no one of the addressed artists refused to cooperate. This created a completely unique collection of contemporary Czech art, which includes paintings on canvas, screen prints, photographs and sculptures. The artists were either directly inspired by the work or life of Andy Warhol, or contributed to the collection with their work from previous years. Most of the works on the exhibition are from 2018.

Visitors to the exhibition could also see Andy Warhol’s works, such as CMOA (Carnegie Museum Of Art, 1986), examples of covers for The Velvet Underground, or period posters and books.

List of exhibiting authors:

Tereza z Davle * Sára Saudková * Joska Skalník * Milan Cais * Marascaud * Honza Homola * Jiří Voltner * Jaromir 99 * Paul Pulszartti * Roman Franta * Adam Jílek * Pasta Oner * Rudo Prekop * MUSA * Míchal Cihlář * Zdeněk Šorf * Tomáš Kuthan * David Cajthaml * MICL * Adam Konečný * Markéta Urbanová * Lukáš Miffek * Dan Trantina * Martin Krajc * Jaroslav Valečka * Jiri Hauschka * Petr Schel * Martina Chloupa * Jaroslav Schejbal

I am glad I could exhibit in this town together with other artists in honor of Andy Warhol. I will inform you about the final exhibition in a future article. Thanks for your attention.

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