Mysterious painting !

This is a mysterious painting scene , Its a very amazing looks in a pictures. This boy is a naughty boy and also said mysterious boy. A mysterious boy is a dengrouis to a little childs , mysterious story as a seen in this pictures. A lovely image , a birghts colours looks like a shining star. Yellow , red , dark purple , sky blue perfect match in this image. Very beautiful created work and also a hard work. But its a very easy work for a me. That is a mixture of the colourations ,its very important to a selected colours combinations. If  colours not a suit in the image then the result is a bad looks. So I know about thats rules , and I will always pick up the perfect colours fill in the images. That is a very important to a paintings. I love painting , makes a different types the images. I will share other pictures soon. I think painting , depends on the colourations. When the you will pick up the perfect colour , then the result will be found good.


What do you think?


Written by Uzmasoomro

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