Killer Art Film-Part B

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Continued from Part A

After interval the next half was a repeat of first half.

It again fell all of those revived by intermission ads.

it was only natural as it was second direct assault.



YEAH To that.

It is reported in the first show itself

5 people fainted of which three were dead

of scratching their head.

Trying to make head or tail

out of the movie.

Stretchers had to be brought in

to ferry the dead.

Soon instead of snack sellers

hawkers selling stretchers

were crowding the halls

where the film was on.

From each show 4-5

dead would emerge

and hawkers of stretchers

made a clean killing of sorts.

Notoriety of the film spread.

Halls refused to show it at all.

Producer first made the tickets

cheap by getting tax removed.

Even that could not stop

the procession of the dead.

Unwary viewers still came back dead !

Then to stop the rot

producer announced a nation-wide contest.

Anybody sitting through the 150 minutes of film

would be given an award of 100 units of currency-

this was over and above the free ticket.

Yet people were scared

and halls deserted , because

all feared instant death.

Then producer advertised free and award(of 100..LOL) winning film

in a heartland of India-where viewers do not think at all

they are hard headed like boiled eggs

thinking is their enemy

and with wooden rods

they do most of the talk.

A cleaner with tin can

and a couple of blackouts

would do them no harm

and if they gained 100 currency

they would all rush to that.

The predictable happened

and tickets were given

to this lot.

They came, they saw

they understood none

each won 100

but somewhere in back of mind

they knew what they had viewed

because seventy percent

cam out of shows

staggering with head

held in hands,and

woken up only with

100 in hands.

Art film was seen by those who understood it zod.


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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