Killer Art Film-Part A

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There was this art film,

back ground of which,is what else-but India,

directed by a killer

and produced

by a beggar

or beggar to be.

Actors and actresses on board

looked like they had been starved for days

and had not taken baths for months

anybody looking at them in full glam

would have exclaimed

these look like maids and cleaners

of my very big compound;

some of them can be beggars as well.

Imagine this kind of cast

was made to act realistic

without make up

and they looked like

poor lizards.

Real murderer behind the film was the writer

and then screenplay writer.

What kinda story writer penned

can be seen from what is described below.

Screenplay writer played havoc to it

all the more-understanding a quarter or less.

The fatal story looked simple

a cleaner of a truck

was seen

dirty clothes and a tin can in hand

cleaner would walk to a tap

collect water in can by drops

(In India water in taps came in drops and not free flow)

and then came back.

After 2 minutes he would

do the same.

And after 2 minutes again.

Viewers shifted in their seats

as to what was happening-

scratching their heads in frustration and boredom.

As viewers suffered thus,

suddenly the theater screen would go black

and blank for about10 minutes

and in the middle of it

theater people announced in a mike

that producer has made a realistic film

and he wants you to experience first hand

load shedding(the practice in India by which

electricity is put off by supplier as a measure to save).

Viewers went berserk in this 10 minutes

cursing the producer and swearing

the time they had booked the tickets.

They tried to look at others’faces

but could not as all was pitch black.

After this first episode of load shedding,

again the fatal cleaner with tin can would appear;

he would again do three rounds of water collection by drops.

The thing to understand was that with what

difficulty cleaner was even able to get a can of water

for himself and driver-who was not shown evah.

Then there was again a blackout of 10 minutes.

After three rounds of water collection and blackout

combine the intermission began-which could revive

a few of the majority of viewers who had fainted of boredom.

To be continued………………….

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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