I will be back

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There is a train

that would chug tomorrow

at a platform of concrete

while my heart is molten

and rather boiling with sadness

my mind is numb

as you are stunned

this night

we are together

and come the day later

I would be gone

oh! how you submerged in my arms

and how love

came from lips-eager for same

our hearts beat together

and minds had gelled

at 12 in dark of last night

we had a fight

a lovers’ stance

you below

me on top

and vice versa

till we panted

to unknowns


turned into bond


and tightly wound

I gifted you a lot

and you accepted all

we were almost like one

sculpted in an idol

of perfect love

and now my body moves

heart wrings

mind weeps

your image

is inside for keeps

as the siren is in loud sounds

our eyes yet locked

with movement of irons

your legs move

you chase the inevitable

with weak feet

I waive

with tears dripping abound

I am out of the train

just a small leg is my identity

that I am traveling yet

my body hangs

hands waiving

heart shrieking

after me

how would you live

your eyes

are red

not from the night

that I stole from you

but from crying

for hours

after holding for more

as complete sad

how I wish you were aboard

here with me

but alas! you cannot be

vanishing is the current act

rather a bitter fact

I leave you distraught

fight it

I will be back!PS: This is absolutely hypothetical as I never travel by train and days of chugging engines are long over. This was written to make you feel how ‘true lovers’ pine when separated. No individual or couple is named or intended here. Hanging outside train is a dangerous habit and please do not ever try it. It may cause severe hurt.


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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.