Diary of a Simple guy-1

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She smiled

I do not know why

was she mad

or over confident

of her state of being?

She wanted something

did she get that?

Happened much later

and I had left

still do not know

if she had got that?

Later on we met

and her face had that vacant look

with eyes rather silent

and cheeks flushed

adding the two

I added that she had failed

in getting what she had wanted

and was fearing something bad.

Then she avoided me

and so many others

with a walk

that wanted to leave fast

I followed

knowing this is as useless

as she was.

She turned twice

and could not notice me at all

as I had vanished

long before.

How boring

and how useless

to follow an utterly ugly

woman who has useless

work and life in hand.

So blue and depressing

with raunchy rotting smell

as you came within two feet of her.

I remember one day

when we talked

I had been to her place

she had an armless blouse on

she looked in mirror

and recoiled at her own face

then she used some kind of talcum

and lifted her arms to open armpits

two things struck me

her original body smell

was like the worst toilet drain

and some perfume came from

somewhere down

possibly between thighs

it smelled sore and awful

like rotting puss

then she began to sprinkle talcum

lavender perfume

oh my oh my what shit

and what a shit pot

the drain turned worse

such a confusion of smell

fetid bad and sickening

I felt a vomit rise

that was the first time

I refused to hold her hand

and decided against it evah-her

palms dirty and moist

like she had drained

clothes wet in rice drain

and what not.

I looked at her

she was smug

and not aware

of my revolt inside.

Then I looked at her wrinkles

growing around temples

they looked like vipers

that would soon sting her

and she would look

like a beggarly hag.

We walked side by side

that sweltering summer afternoon

with her smells getting worst

on the sides due to

foul smelling sweat

adding to the rot.

I remember

I ran away

suddenly and came back

to my room

and vomited a lot!

To be contd…………………

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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