Bruised Scooty

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Today morning

I saw

a small scooty(two-wheeled scooter of a light kind)

belabor at seeming fast speed

with a driver and pillion,

both well-fed females from families that

stocked a lot of eatables,

riding the scooty yet appearing aloof.

At 350 lbs apiece

they were making scooty

work and work really hard.

Tires had shrunk

all filled air had escaped

poooooooof the moment both sat

and, devoid of any air

one surface kissed the other

seeming to form a tube

and the lowermost sunk in the ground

requesting the ground to hold on.

The foam on both seats

shifted in exasperation

and, in a revolt threatened

to escape out of leather covers uncontrolled;

after all the seats had never experienced such a weight.

The light alloy of body

was like a shaking leave

left clueless in an onslaught,

it struggled to balance,

the two huge blocks of meat.

and threatened to come apart,

in one or two honest farts.

The delicate handle

shivered in thick driver’s

fleshy hands like a damsel

in grip of a demon supreme.

Scooty made sounds of strange kinds

ooh ah,,poo pa,putter sutter,,go gaaa omg..pumpaaaaaaapoon

from all parts and places,

as if a person farted without control

but two riders rode on;

rather smiling at each other.

Gasoline rushed to quick burns

after all the load it had to take

was massive by any tricks or turns.

The driver shouted to pillion.”Ain’t we having a great ride.”

The scooty underneath cursed with all its might.

When done

scooty looked like a crushed, ravished and dessicated machine.

Apart from riders only guy happy

after such rides was

the garage man

who was called upon

to treat the severely bruised scooty,

after a lot of labor,

to work again!


What do you think?


Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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