Her name was Bolla

she waited at stop no.98 for a state bus,

rickety and worn though it was,

I also ambled along for fun

wanting to check

how many times on road

the rickety bus fired a gun

and killed someone

specially with Bolla in

4 feet by 4 feet weighing a light 350 lbs

spoke in pig grunts

when not heeded

she simply shoved

or sat atop the victim

we did not intend to rush in together

but Bolla and me ended vying for a 4 seater

of which Bolla occupied with thighs spread out

and hips dug in

rather 3/4th and plus leaving me about 3 inches

of blasted space

the moment she sat

bus made a sound arrrrrrrrrrrgh not again

Bolla did not hear it but I did; I was new, Bolla was usual

as Bolla sat Bus horned involuntarily

without driver, and that too at top decibel

and it sank 5 inches on the side of Bolla

Bolla made an angry face

and gestured me to accommodate in 3 inches

when i did not she grabbed me by arms

and made me sit forcibly

only 10% of my hips came

and all other part was hanging in air;

Conductor came on to issue tickets’

he eyed Bolla for full five

measuring her on open and sly

as I hung by a morsel of my hip

query on my scared face

if this was my condition with bus on stop

then what would happen when it finally moves,

Conductor raised palm and three fingers

Bolla grunted NO and showed him 1 finger

when conductor did not relent Bolla got up

and saluted him like a military bond

at which the conductor smiled and issued one,.

By the time Bolla had settled in her seat

I had already tumbled face down five times on bus floor

each time some guy or gal helped me up

on fifth tumble one guy in suit

growled ya know yer face is black

being a beggah ya cannot travel with me at all

he said this pressing his silken tie and suit,

Bolla looked at me and made face

not recognizing me off the cuff

she was about to apply her gentle push to my ass

then I screamed oh! Bolla its me your 3 inch space!

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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