An Easy Job

The magic was not so strong

how would a small time magician

affect the magic of the ultimate

how would fake affect a genuine

how would empty words and tall claims

affect those who do real work and move things

did you lace water with acid

or induced a miscible sleeping pill in his curry

did you stop a paper without authority

(were you scared a lot or wanted to damage a lot?)

did you hope that weekends

are spent in events that grow out his hours

did you intrude in his private domains(a crime in any space)

and mess things to consume his time?

did you deny him work

and justify the same with

lies and bodyworks

did he do the work

and others enjoyed

the magic is not magic after all

it is small time evil activities,

all knit together,

planned by a group

are you writing a record

on a day by day basis

which proves you are wrecked

with no magic at all

are you sure

that you have a pile load

of questions to answer

which when posed

you say are not questions at all

then you sit relaxed

do you have a set of lawyers

who fight to loose

and buy time

and then, did you steal

a lot of public money

which you are trying best

to hide?

Where is that money

and where will it all go?

With time will not the interest grow?

and, so will be your CRIME!

So where is the magic

I am sorry it is a

sordid game plan.

I agree it has been played earlier

and done before by many

but none survived

to even touch the stolen effects

not to talk about enjoying it.

So wind your magic

and your playact group

each one of you is already

evidenced by facts

and cannot go

anywhere or hide them

only a listing with payoff

is needed and it is

an easy job!

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Written by Glower4

Glower is a writer cum poet who is a commoner endowed with uncanny gift of extreme and deep abstract thought resulting in astonishing written word.

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