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You guessed it right It is a physics quiz

No complicated formulas nor equations but just everyday happenings. Something you have come across while at school or college and that’s it.  It is an easy quiz and I hope you will enjoy it just as I have enjoyed getting it  ready.

As usual there will be choices for you to select from.  Good Luck.

  • Question of

    Name the instrument that measures and records humidity of air

    • Hydrometer
    • Hygrometer
    • Barometer
  • Question of

    What is the shape of our milky way galaxy?

    • Eliptical
    • Spiral
    • circular
  • Question of

    Why do Woollen clothes keep body warm?

    • Wool absorbs heat around
    • Wool is a bad conductor of heat
    • Wool increases the heat of the body
  • Question of

    Smog is a general pollutant as

    • air contains excess ammonia
    • air contains sulfur dioxide
    • Temperature is low
  • Question of

    The speed of light with rising temperature of medium

    • increases
    • decreases
    • remains the same
  • Question of

    Centre of gravity of the moon is

    • One third that of the Earth
    • One sixth that of the earth
    • Has no gravity
  • Question of

    The different colours of different stars is on account of

    • Temperature
    • Density
    • Pressure
  • Question of

    Instrument used to measure the force and velocity of wind

    • Altimeter
    • Anemometer
    • Ammeter


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