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Which yoga style suits you best?

There are countless styles of yoga out there, from vinyasa to yin to ashtanga. With all this choice, it can be confusing knowing which one to pick. Here’s a little quiz to see which type might suit you best. Of course, this is just a guide and it can be fun to test out different practices and teachers but have a go and don’t forget to share your results and feedback!

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    What’s your favourite part of yoga?

    • Pranayama (breathwork)
    • Savasana (corpse pose)
    • Trying new poses
    • Working up a sweat
    • Spending time in deep stretching poses
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    How would you describe yourself?

    • I like routine and knowing what to expect
    • I like to try new things
    • I like to challenge myself
    • I like to relax my body
    • I’m happy to sit still for long periods
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    How would you spend your perfect day off?

    • Go for a long run
    • Have a relaxed lie in
    • Try something new
    • Stick to your regular routine
    • Have a good stretch
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    What’s your fitness level?

    • I prefer to be horizonal
    • I move about a little
    • I walk and exercise a bit
    • I’m pretty fit and healthy
    • I like to sweat!
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    Walking out of a yoga class I want to feel:

    • Sleepy
    • Relaxed
    • Sweaty
    • Tired but rejuvenated
    • Energised
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    What do you want to get from yoga?

    • A reliable form of exercise
    • Strength and toning
    • Relaxation
    • Flexibility
    • A challenging, strong workout
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    How much spirituality, relaxation and meditation do you want from a yoga class?

    • As much as possible
    • Quite a lot
    • Some but not the main focus
    • A little but more focus on physical asanas
    • Very little or none
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    What do you want to wear to yoga?

    • Large, baggy clothes and a blanket
    • Comfortable, loose clothing
    • Shorts and a sports bra (or just shorts for the men)
    • Fitted, stretchy leggings/shorts and a similar top
    • Workout pants and a tshirt
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    How much do you want to sweat?

    • Not at all
    • Barely
    • A little
    • A lot
    • I want to be dripping!


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Written by Ishtar Darlington

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