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The X-men Quiz. Will you recognize these mutants by their powers?

I have been reading comic books ever since I was in grade school. Some of my favorite characters belongs to the X-men and other mutant groups. Each of these mutants have distinct super powers and abilities, though some are quite similar to others. Can you recognize the mutants by their powers/ abilities? Note that I will ask for their given names and not their alter ego. Are you a comic book buff? Let’s find out and share your score on the comment.

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    He’s got superhuman senses, reflexes, and agility, regenerative healing factor and retractable bone claw.

    • James “Logan” Howlett
    • Kyle Gibney
    • Wade Wilson
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    He emits beam of high energy from his eyes. He cannot control the beam without the special glasses he has to wear every time.

    • Scott Lang
    • Great Scott
    • Scott Summers
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    She has the power of telekinesis, telepathy and has the ability to create weapons made of psychic energy

    • Elizabeth Braddock
    • Orroro Monroe
    • Jean Grey
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    He has the ability to absorb cosmic energy and generate energy blast. He is also immune to Cyclop’s optic blast

    • Alexander Luthor
    • Alex Summers
    • Alex Murphy
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    He possesses superhuman agility, flexibility and reflexes. He can stick to walls and can telephoto. J

    • Peter Parker
    • Kurt Russel
    • Kurt Wagner
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    Originally, he had a pair of feathery wings which enables him to fly. Later his wings were turned to metal and he can shoot razor sharp feather projectiles.

    • Warren Worthington III
    • Warren Wolf
    • Warren Peace
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    He has the ability to create duplicates of himself multiple times.

    • James Broddock
    • Jamie Madrox
    • James Kirk
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    She has the ability to shapeshift into a wolf-like humanoid, or into a full wolf at will.

    • Rhane Sinclair
    • Raven Darkholme
    • Emma Frost
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    He is known to charge playing cards and other objects and throw them as explosive projectiles.

    • Henry Pym
    • Remy LeBeau
    • Remington Steel
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    He can transform himself into metallic form which gives him superhuman strength and durability.

    • Cain Marko
    • Ben Grim
    • Peter Rasputin


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    • Thanks for playing, Cassy. I guess you missed the lesser known mutants like Riane Sinclair, aka Wolfsbane and Jaime Madrox or Multiple man. Hmm. Who else did you miss?