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World Geography Quiz No.1 – Rivers, Mountains and Lakes

Photo by Tom Gainor on Unsplash

This quiz is about the longest rivers and the tallest mountains. There are questions at the global level or at the continental level. There is a question related to freshwater lakes too. Overall, this would be a tough quiz and do not be disheartened with a low score. Enjoy the quiz.

  • Name the largest freshwater lake in the world.

    • Lake Michigan
    • Lake Superior
    • Lake Victoria
    • Caspian sea
  • What is the second highest mountain in the world, Everest being the tallest?

    • Kangchenjunga
    • Dhaulagiri
    • K2
    • Broad peak
  • Name the longest river in the world.

    • Missisippi-Missouri
    • Amazon river
    • Yangtze river
    • Nile river
  • Name the longest river in Asia.

    • Brahmaputra river
    • Yellow river
    • Indus river
    • Yangtze river
  • Name the tallest mountain in North America.

    • Mount Logan
    • Mount Saint Elias
    • Mount Sanford
    • Denali
  • Name the tallest mountain in South America.

    • Monte Pissis
    • Aconcagua
    • Bonete
    • Tres Cruces
  • Name the longest river in Europe.

    • Ural
    • Thames
    • Volga
    • Danube
  • Name the longest river in South America.

    • Amazon river
    • Purus river
    • Japura river
    • Sao Francisco

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