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Work and power are two very related terms and are very often mixed. Work is defined as a force of action along a certain path to a body. Power is defined as the ratio of time and work. This is often called the speed of work. Power and work are concepts used in everyday life, and most often as adjectives are stronger and more valuable. In this quiz, check your knowledge of power and work. Good luck and I want you a lot of luck.

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    Energy change is equal

    • power
    • work
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    Measuring unit for work is

    • joule
    • wat
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    From the forumula P = W / t, the work is equal to

    • W= P*t
    • W=P/t
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    If the body does not act force, the work is equal to

    • 0 J
    • 10 J
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    The device has power

    • 50 kW
    • 50 kWh
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    The power unit has been named after

    • James Watt
    • Jonas Watt
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    Two men carry 50 boxes. The first man passes the box for 5 minutes, and the other man in 10 minutes. Which man is stronger?

    • first man
    • second man
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    Additional unit for power is

    • kilovolts
    • horsepower


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