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Words that Work #6

Here’s the part 6 of the 10-word quiz to test your working vocabulary for your ready reference in writing and in speaking.

If you know them, they would work for you effectively. They will enrich your command of words as an effective writer. They will make you better in speaking. Your communication would be great and you are confident to use them when you know them, their meaning and their limitation in any occasion.

Take your time and good luck.

  • eccentric

    • acting towards the center
    • acting in unusual ways
    • acting in seriousness
  • lucubration

    • intensive study
    • study using oil lamp
    • study by chance
  • transmogrify

    • transform mysteriously
    • change like a smog
    • change greatly
  • benevolent

    • reserved and kind
    • kind and generous
    • kind and cautious
  • nimiety

    • excess
    • enough
    • within limit
  • cerebrate

    • cause for celebration
    • stay unmarried
    • use the mind
  • gumption

    • publication
    • enterprise
    • factory of gums
  • obviate

    • prevent
    • make visible
    • medicine
  • mercurial

    • changing occasionally
    • relating to planet Mercury
    • changing quickly and often
  • declivity

    • slope
    • tendency
    • decline

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