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Words Commonly Confused In English Language.

There are lots of words in the English language that are quite confusing.  They either look alike, sound alike or, worst of all, look and sound alike but have completely different meanings.

When you come across these commonly confused words in English language, it can be hard to determine which is the correct one in a given context.

Let’s see how many of these words you get correct.

  • Question of

    I am trying to —– weight

    • lose
    • loose
  • Question of

    We should uphold the ————-of truth, justice and equality

    • principles
    • principals
  • Question of

    Most drugs have terrible side ———

    • affects
    • effects
  • Question of

    A mouth watering dessert ————–any meal

    • compliments
    • complements
  • Question of

    I met the ——————-in the school office

    • principle
    • principal
  • Question of

    It was a steep ——– into the cave.

    • dissent
    • descent
  • Question of

    Please —– with your story

    • proceed
    • precede
  • Question of

    —— raining outside.

    • It’s
    • Its
  • Question of

    We put the matter before the city——

    • counsel
    • council
  • Question of

    ——— late for school.

    • Your
    • You’re
  • Question of

    I went to the shop to buy some ——–

    • stationary
    • stationery
  • Question of

    I am waiting for —- arrival

    • they’re
    • their


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