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Words beginning with G

Here is the latest in my “words beginning with” quiz series.

Just for a change, this time I have chosen words that I actually knew before reaching for the dictionary – so that might make the success rate a bit better!

  • Question of


    • A type of dress popular in Victorian times
    • An igneous rock
    • Another name for a travelling salesman
  • Question of


    • A freshwater duck
    • Someone who seeks pleasure above all else
    • A sea defence
  • Question of


    • An ornamental drinking vessel
    • A medieval mercenary soldier
    • A plant of the sedge family
  • Question of


    • An early style of bicycle
    • A Christmas decoration
    • An annual dinner at a university
  • Question of


    • A small carnivorous mammal
    • A bonnet worn in Scotland
    • A stringed musical instrument
  • Question of


    • To behave in a mildly foolish way
    • A children’s ball game played in Northern England
    • An assistant on deer hunts in Scotland
  • Question of


    • A theoretical elementary particle
    • A generic term for anything sticky
    • A mineral that glows in the dark
  • Question of


    • A parasitic insect
    • An ancient Asian language
    • Relating to knowledge of spiritual truths
  • Question of


    • A bird of prey
    • A suspended banner
    • A style of painting
  • Question of


    • A fortification found on medieval castles
    • A spiny-finned fish
    • A tool used by roof thatchers


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  1. Got to say the G words were interesting, I managed to guess on 5 and now I know the rest, I subscribe to an email from and every day they send me a new word, At the end of each week they give quizzes on the words of the week and I am surprised to see how many I have learned and remembered,

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