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Words beginning with F

Here is the latest in my series of quizzes on word meanings. Can you work out which is the most likely meaning?

  • Question of


    • A dramatic presentation
    • An elaborate lie
    • A comic tale in verse
  • Question of


    • A remark that is intended to be funny but misses the mark
    • Likely to cause conflict within a group
    • Containing truth as opposed to fiction
  • Question of


    • A shrub that is often grown as a houseplant
    • An Italian insult
    • The cells that comprise excess bodily fat
  • Question of


    • An allergic reaction to certain types of vegetation
    • Another word for giggles
    • Another word for freckles
  • Question of


    • Someone who excels at mathematics
    • A ballet dancer who always dances in a group
    • Using language in an obscure way
  • Question of


    • A piece of metal used to bolt two other pieces together
    • Part of a dinner service
    • A bone that is only found in sharks
  • Question of


    • A sense of general wellbeing
    • An old word for binoculars
    • To strip the blubber from a whale or seal
  • Question of


    • The warming-up area at an athletics track
    • The lowest of a ship’s foresails
    • The most direct route to anywhere
  • Question of


    • A superstition
    • To be afraid of something
    • To run quickly for a very short time
  • Question of


    • The upper part of the thigh
    • A pig farmer
    • A curved timber on a traditional wooden boat


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    • They are not exactly everyday words with me either! The idea is to dig some obscure words out of the dictionary and see how close people can get to working them out. It is not really intended as a test of one’s knowledge.

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