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Words beginning with D


Here is the latest in my “words beginning with” quizzes.

The idea behind this game is not to embarrass you by uncovering your ignorance of English vocabulary, but to challenge you to work out what the correct meaning is likely to be.

In other words, if you know what the meaning is , that is a bonus that is certainly not expected at the outset!

  • dactyl

    • A stick used for pointing at a screen or blackboard
    • An ancient mammal sometimes found as a fossil
    • A long (or stressed) syllable followed by two short (or unstressed) syllables
  • decanal

    • A period of ten years
    • Relating to a church dean or deanery
    • A verb meaning to move goods from a waterway to other forms of transport
  • decemvir

    • A member of a revolutionary group in 19th century Russia
    • Somebody who looks forward to Christmas
    • An ancient Roman magistrate
  • demob

    • To stand troops down after a war
    • A general word for riot control
    • Headgear popular in the 1920s
  • digamy

    • A slang term for archaeology
    • The state of being enamoured of a musician or musical group
    • A legal second marriage
  • distaff

    • To reduce a workforce
    • The opposite side of something
    • A literary term for matters traditionally being of concern to women
  • dolmen

    • A woman’s wide-sleeved coat
    • A Turkish robe
    • A prehistoric stone structure that was probably used as a tomb
  • dragonet

    • Yes
    • A weighted net used for trawling the sea floor
    • No
    • A young dragon
    • A spiny marine fish
  • drugget

    • A thick heavy fabric used for covering floors
    • A container for dispensing correct drug doses
    • A small cart designed to pulled by dogs
  • dunnite

    • A coarse-grained igneous rock
    • A woodland bird
    • An explosive

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