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Wonder Woman 2017 Quiz

Have you watched the Wonder Woman movie already? Let’s see how much details you could recall from the movie.

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    The main story of the movie set on what era?

    • World War I
    • World War II
    • Trojan War
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    Who sent the old photograph to Diana?

    • Oliver Queen
    • Bruce Wayne
    • Clark Kent
  • Question of

    Who is Diana’s mother?

    • Hera
    • Aphrodite
    • Queen Hippolyta
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    What is the name of the hidden island where the Amazon’s live?

    • Themyscira
    • Olympus
    • Amazon Island
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    He iWho was the American pilot that Diana rescued crashed off the island’s coast?

    • Capt. Steve Martin
    • Capt. Steve Rogers
    • Capt. Steve Trevor
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    What covers the island that prevents the outsiders from seeing it?

    • Darkness
    • Thick fog
    • Invisible shield
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    What is the nickname of Spanish chemist Isabel Maru?

    • Dr. Poison
    • Scarface
    • Dr. Doom
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    What secret weapon Dr. Maru was developing?

    • The Atomic Bomb
    • The T-Virus
    • A deadlier form of mustard gas
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    Who revealed himself as Ares?

    • Sir Patrick Morgan
    • Gen. Erich Ludendorff
    • Capt. Steve Trevor
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    How is Ares related to Diana?

    • Ares is Diana’s father
    • Ares is Diana’s step-brother
    • Ares is Diana’s half-brother


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