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Why Grow White Flowers?

Nearly everyone likes a colorful flower garden, even if they can only view it from a window or a picture because of allergies. But how often do we think of the value of white flowers?

One of my favorite reasons for loving them is because they have such a cooling effect on a hot day. They also brighten up shady areas and are a nice foil to all other flower colors.

Choosing the location for growing white flowers is crucial to the finishing of a garden area. Think of a red brick home with orange and red flowers in front of it. Now add to your mental image some white flowers behind the orange and red ones. Don’t they pop out just beautifully?

Local agriculture extension agencies are often the best source for finding out about flowers that grow best in your area. They stay on top of which plants have done well over the years and which plants are suffering from certain conditions or pests.

Don’t forget about plants with white, or sometimes called silver, foliage. They can have a tremendous effect when set among colorful flowers. One of my favorites is the white caladium and another is the Japanese painted fern.

  • White flowers can be used in formal or casual gardens

    • True
    • False
  • Adding white flowers to a garden highlights the colorful ones.

    • True
    • False
  • White flowers do not attract many pollinators.

    • True, pollinators are attracted to colorful flowers.
    • False, pollinators enjoy white flowers.
  • All white flowers bloom on shade plants.

    • True, white flowers need shade.
    • False, some white flowers need sunshine.
  • White flowers bloom only in the sun.

    • True, they need direct sun.
    • False, some bloom in the shade.
  • Plants with white foliage grow only in the shade.

    • True, direct sun is too much for them.
    • False, the amount of sun need varies from plant to plant.
  • White flowers can add texture to a garden bed.

    • True, by varying the size of foliage and blooms.
    • False, texture is not affected by white flowers.
  • The White Egret Orchid is one of the most unusual white flowers.

    • True, and it is amazing.
    • False, there is no such plant.
  • Lily of the Valley is one of the smallest white flowers.

    • True
    • False

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