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Who is Oscar the Grouch

One of the things that I found appealing about Sesame Street is that everything is not perfect. Characters don’t always get along. Typically things work out in the end, but not always as expected. Let’s talk a little bit about Oscar the Grouch. I really don’t want any children emulating his behavior, and it is still important that they know that kind of behavior exists and can still be a part of life. Let’s watch this little song and then see how much we know about Oscar the Grouch.

The Song

  • Question of

    What hurt Oscar the Grouch’s ears?

    • The snowballs they threw at him.
    • The ding dong of the bells
    • The ringing in his garbage can.
  • Question of

    What name does Oscar the Grouch call Santa?

    • Fatty with Toys
    • Big Red Noise
  • Question of

    Oscar the Grouch would like Christmas with less toys and noise

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    What is Oscar the Grouch’s favorite snack

    • Chips with ground worms
    • Sardine and spinach sundaes
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    What body part is Oscar the Grouch missing?

    • Nose
    • Tongue
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    What color was the Original Oscar the Grouch?

    • brown
    • orange
  • Question of

    Oscars’ favorite pets were

    • Slimey, a worm
    • Two flies named Scuzz and Buzz
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    What might be on Oscar the Grouchs’ Christmas list?

    • Pickle Juice
    • Pig’s Feet


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