Which Accessories Style Are You?

If you don’t want to shop too much or you just don’t like to shop, but you still want to look stylish, then consider buying certain accessories to update your wardrobe each season. Keep your clothing wardrobe to a minimum of classic pieces, such as one denim pants, white tee, drawstring striped shorts, white tank top, black camisole, wrap sheet that can be worn in at least 20 different dresses, skirts and blouses, denim jacket, light parka, hoodie,  little black dress, and a couple of leggings in blue, gray, black, white, and brown.

And, then buy certain accessories that fit your personal style or individual personality, and then turn your classic clothing pieces into many different stylish outfits for different occasions.

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    Which hat do you wear most?

    • baseball cap
    • wide brim sunhat or tiara
    • knit cap
    • flat cap or newsboy cap or fedora
    • floppy BOHO hat
    • Sunhat with flowers
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    What kind of belt do you always wear?

    • cloth belt or those seatbelt style belts
    • wide belt the cinches the waist
    • narrow wrap belt with spikes or studs
    • basic belt
    • belt the hangs loosely on the hips
    • delicate narrow metal belt
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    Which shoes do you wear most often?

    • sneakers or flip-flops
    • high heel sandals
    • boots
    • loafers or oxfords
    • lace-up sandals or ballet flats
    • basic pumps in neutral color
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    What is your must-wear jewelry?

    • iPhone
    • watch
    • anything with spikes and studs
    • Aviator or Ray Ban Sunglasses
    • Statement Jewelry
    • stud earrings
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    How do you wear your scarf?

    • cotton scarf worn as purse decor or around wrist
    • silk scarf with ornate design worn around neck
    • knit scarf worn for warmth
    • bandana worn as a headband
    • big & colorful print scarf worn as part of layered outfit
    • headscarf in solid color
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    Your choice of gloves?

    • fingerless arm-warmers for warmth
    • long gloves–elbow-length
    • fingerless moto or gym gloves
    • steering wheel gloves
    • fishnet and lacy gloves
    • short and solid gloves
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    Your favorite purse?

    • large tote bag
    • small crossbody purse
    • backpack
    • messenger bag
    • pouch bag
    • doctor-bag style purse


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