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Where in the World? New Years Eve Quiz

New Year’s Eve is celebrated in some form or another in practically every corner of the world. Welcoming in the New Year is steeped in traditions and customs that can vary from city to city or from one country to the next. Fireworks, parties, drinking and lots of food is a central part of many New Years celebrations but there are some that can be considered a little strange or curious in some areas. See if you can guess where in the world these New Year’s Eve celebrations takes place.

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    Say “Happy New Year” by smashing glass against the doors of friends and family

    • Sweden
    • Bolivia
    • Denmark
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    Ensure good luck in the New Year by burning effigies of famous people

    • Panama
    • Poland
    • Scotland
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    At the stroke of midnight eat a dozen grapes for good luck

    • Italy
    • Greece
    • Spain
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    Cleanse the old year and start fresh in the new year with bonfires (Aramotabrenna)

    • Germany
    • Iceland
    • Peru
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    Out with the old by throwing buckets of water out the windows

    • Puerto Rico
    • Cuba
    • France
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    In a small village here people settle their differences with fist fights before the New Year

    • China
    • Cambodia
    • Peru
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    It’s all about the cash and everything is made round to represent wealth

    • Bolivia
    • Phillipines
    • Bahamas
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    For good fortune, scarecrows are burnt at midnight

    • Ecuador
    • Brazil
    • Egypt
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    Paint the front doors red all in the name of happiness and good fortune

    • Ireland
    • China
    • Japan
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    Ring in the new year by sleeping with your deceased loved ones in the cemetery

    • Jamaica
    • Chile
    • Croatia


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