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What’s Your Makeup IQ?

Are you a beauty buff or a beauty beginner? Check your knowledge in this funny quiz 🙂

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    How are acrylic nails different from gel nails?

    • Arcylic nails are hardened with UV light
    • Acrylic nails are part-liquid and part-powder
    • Acrlylic nails have a harder, non-porous surface
    • Acrlylic nails were reated by the nail polish company CND
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    Applying eyeliner in the spaces between the roots of the eyelashes is called what?

    • Streamlining
    • Lashing
    • Tightlining
    • Root stamping
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    Where did the word “cosmetic” come from?

    • The Greek word kosmetike
    • The English word cosmopolitan
    • The German word kosen
    • The Greek word metaphor
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    Who founded M.A.C. Cosmetics?

    • A salon owner and a makeup artist
    • Two makeup artists
    • The former CEO of Estée Lauder
    • A chemist and a former supermodel
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    Applying tiny dots of foundation for an airbrushed effect is called what?

    • Stippling
    • Strobing
    • Multimasking
    • Waterlining
  • Question of

    Who created Urban Decay’s first celebrity collection?

    • Shirley Manson
    • Gwen Stefani
    • Madonna
    • Hayley Wiliams
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    Nail polish originates from which country?

    • South Africa
    • Germany
    • China
    • Poland
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    How do you properly pronaunce NYX?

    • Ny-Ex
    • Nicks
    • N.Y.X.
    • Ny-kee


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