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What is Martius?

In the early Roman Calendar (Romulus Calendar), there are only 10 months in a year. Martius (March) is the first month. January and February are originally not on the list. What could have been if we celebrate New Year on March 1?

Before we say goodbye 2017 and celebrate New Year, here are the links you can check for more movies released this year.

  1. January Link: Time for a Movie Marathon
  2. February Link: Happy Birthday Cupid!

  • Question of

    The Last __________ – movie tagline: “An unexpected friendship that begins at the end”.

    • Word
    • Number
    • Stand
  • Question of

    __________: Skull Island – movie tagline: “Awaken the King”

    • King
    • Kong
    • King Kong
  • Question of

    The Sense of an __________ – A man becomes haunted by his past and is presented with a mysterious legacy that causes him to re-think his current situation in life.

    • Article
    • Ending
    • Image
  • Question of

    The __________ Baby – It’s a Dreamworks Animation film voiced by Alec Baldwin.

    • BOS
    • Boss
    • Bossy
  • Question of

    Ghost in the __________ – a film based on manga or anime

    • Shell
    • Box
    • Bottle
  • Question of

    The __________ Wife – Movie tagline: “They gave all they had to save all they could”.

    • Keeper’s
    • Bookeeper’s
    • Zookeeper’s
  • Question of

    __________ is a thriller about a fifteen-year-old boy who steals a bag of drug money and runs away with the girl he loves while her corrupt cop father hunts them down.

    • Mean Dreams
    • Bokeh
    • Raw
  • Question of

    __________ is an Indonesian martial arts action film.

    • Logan
    • Headshot
    • Wolves


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