What do you know about PEWDIEPIE?

PEWDIEPIE is the most popular youtuber on the Earth! Are you already subscribed on his channel? Or maybe you are subscribed on youtube channels of your favorite singers, like Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus?

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    What does PewDiePie refer to his fan base as?

    • Brosephs
    • The Pew Pews
    • Bro army
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    In what year was PewDiePie born?

    • 1988
    • 1989
    • 1990
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    Who does he play with?

    • Popularmmos
    • Markiplier
    • Dantdm
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    What is PewDiePie favorite game?

    • Dark souls
    • Minecraft
    • Happy Wheels
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    What is PewDiePie’s dog names?

    • Lolo & Dalia
    • Edgar & Maya
    • Falix & Marzia
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    What was PewDiePie’s initial Youtube handle?

    • Pew
    • PewPewDie
    • PewDie
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    What is the title of PewDiePie’s 2015 parody book?

    • Diehard for PewDie
    • It’s not me. It’s you.
    • This book loves you
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    How did PewDiePie pay for his first computer?

    • Worked at hotdog station
    • It was a gift
    • Parents pay off it


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