What Do You Know About Pakistan?

Today I’m going over some quiz. This quiz will give you the best knowledge about Pakistan Country. All the quiz are easy and don’t be discouraged if you can’t give answers correctly. Thanks for Visit. Comment your score and keep following me.

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    Who was the first Governor General of Pakistan?

    • Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah
    • Allama Iqbal
    • Sikander Mirza
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    Who was the first president of Pakistan?

    • Sikander Mirza
    • Liaquat Ali Khan
    • Sir Abdul Rashid
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    Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?

    • Sheikh Mujibur Rehman
    • Abdul Rashid
    • Zulfkar Ali Bhutto
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    Independence day of Pakistan

    • 14 August 1947
    • 14 August 1957
    • 14 August 1950
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    Pakistan republic day

    • 24 March 1955
    • 24 March 1956
    • 23 March 1956
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    Which is the Capital of Pakistan?

    • Karachi
    • Lahore
    • Islamabad
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    Who created the name of Pakistan?

    • Allama Iqbal
    • Choudhry Rehmat Ali
    • Quaid Azam Mihammad Ali Jinnah
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    Who is the national poet of Pakistan?

    • Sir Mohammad Iqbal
    • Sir Liquat Ali Khan
    • Sir Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai


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