What do you know about Islam?

Islam is the biggest religion on the Earth. Their are many religions but it is at the top.The people who believe in Islam are in large number then any religion. The language in Islam is Arabic.

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    Who is the last Prophet of God according to Islam?

    • Muhammad(PBUH)
    • Hazrat Ali(A.S)
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    What is the mother language of Islam?

    • Hindi
    • Arabic
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    What is the name of Angel who catches souls?

    • Jibrael(A.S)
    • Mikael(A.S)
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    What is the name of last book of Islam?

    • Quran
    • Bible
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    Which place is the center of Earth according to Islam?

    • Madina
    • Khana Kaba
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    What is the percentage of Muslims in this World?

    • 22.32%
    • 55.78%
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    What is the name of first person who born in this world?

    • Aadam(A.S)
    • Joseph(A.S)
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    There are how many Surahs in Quran?

    • 30
    • 40


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