What do you Know About Cricket?

What is Cricket? I think that it is not neccessary to tell you exactly what is cricket because almost everybody know about this. This is an Active game. Like football game it also consists of two teams and each team consists of eleven players. There are stadiums for it, almost in every country and every part of the world.

This game is very interesting because only one team has to win the match. Every moment of the game is full of suspense. During the match play two empires are also present for telling the cricketers about his decision towards any step. Spectators enjoys the match all the time during the play.      

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    In which century cricket was invented?

    • 18the Century
    • 19th Century
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    In which Country cricket was originated?

    • England
    • South Afrcia
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    Which Country was 1st Worldcup winner?

    • West Indees
    • Austrailia
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    What is the abbreviation of ICC?

    • Internatoinal Cricket Council
    • Internet Council Cricket
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    How many Palyer plays Game during the Match?

    • 11
    • 22
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    Women’s first Cricket was recorded in?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Who is Blind Highest T20 Scorer?

    • Pakistan
    • England
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    What is the name of largest Cricket Stadium in the World?

    • Austrailia Cricket Ground
    • Melbourne Cricket Ground


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Written by Hassnain Ali

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