What Are These Computer Acronyms?

Some basic computer acronyms are here with us. How good are you in these. Attempt the quiz. Bon voyage.

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    WYSIWYG sImply means?

    • What You See Is What You Give
    • What You Select Is What You Get
    • What You See Is What You Get
    • What You See Is What You Go
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    Which of these displays 3D images?

    • VR
    • FTP
    • ROM
    • VRML
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    What is ICP

    • Company which is provided by internet
    • Company that provides internet
    • Company in which internet is provided
    • Cooperative Internet Provider
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    A path to a certain file on the Wide World Web is?

    • USB
    • FTP
    • HTTPS
    • URL
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    What is BIOS

    • Basic Input output service.
    • Better Input Output Service
    • Basic Input Output System
    • Best Input Output System
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    AWHFY stands for?

    • Average Wifi Highspeed Fun Yearly
    • Are We Having Fun Yet
    • Average Working Heavy Youtube
    • Non of the above
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    Which of the following is not a computer abbreviation?

    • HTTPZ
    • HTML
    • PPP
    • FTP
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    Which is the longest SMS abbreviation?

    • WAHTBTHT- We Are Having The Best Time Here
    • TINTIWMYLTT- there Is No Time I Will Miss You Like This Time
    • MBTTAZZZZ- My Baby This Time Am Asleep
    • AWGTHTGTTA- Are We Going To Have To Go Through That Again


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