How Well Are You Tracking Internet “Trends”?

The internet has become something essential, and we have all became aware that all of the useful information and data nowadays are on the web. Whenever we need to find out something, we just google it, and we receive some information in an instant. But it is not just about finding out about “useful” information. The Internet has its own trends that are followed by a lot of people, especially youngsters. For example, every year, we pick the most watched video on YouTube, the funniest memes on social media websites, the most disliked video on YouTube etc. But what about you, are you a “modern” and well-informed internet person? Do you deserve a “prize” about your knowledge for the latest Internet “trends”? Let’s check it out!

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    What is the most watched video on YouTube?

    • Sorry – Justin Bieber
    • Gangnam Style – Justin Bieber
    • Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
    • See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
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    What is the most disliked video on YouTube?

    • Friday – Rebecca Black
    • Gangnam Style – Psy
    • Baby – Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris
    • Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
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    What is the most used website on the Internet?

    • Yahoo
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Twitter
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    What is the most liked picture on Instagram?

    • Beyonce’s Pregnancy
    • Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Wedding
    • Selena Gomez’s Selfie
    • Taylor Swift receiving flowers from Kanye West
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    Who is the most “memed” person for 2017?

    • Drake
    • Donald Trump
    • Nusret
    • Christiano Ronaldo
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    What is the most famous app on the Internet?

    • Skype
    • Google Translate
    • Snapchat
    • Viber
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    What is the best Photo Editor on the Internet?

    • GIMP
    • PicMonkey
    • Pixlr
    • Fotor


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