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How Well Do You Know Rachel From FRIENDS?

So you think you are a Rachel Green Fan??

Its time to take one of the hardest quiz. Let’s see how well do you score..


  • Question of

    What Is Rachel’s Middle Name?

    • Muriel
    • Jose
    • Jill
    • Karen
  • Question of

    You have got the wind in your arms- Rachel said this to whom?

    • Joey
    • Phoebe
    • Mr Beaumont
    • Joshua
  • Question of

    What does Rachel’s sister Amy decide after being with Emma?

    • Baby sit kids
    • Give babies a makeover
    • Pierce ears
    • Be a school teacher
  • Question of

    What does Tag give Rachel on her 30th birthday?

    • Scooter
    • Sweater
    • Necklace
    • Purse
  • Question of

    Chandler was taken to a strip bar to get over Kathy. Who was Rachel’s favourite stripper?

    • Cookie
    • Candy
    • Chantal
    • Emily
  • Question of

    Has Rachel kissed all the other 5 Friends?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Rachel is frustrated when in labor, so she does?

    • Has drugs
    • Smokes it out
    • Pushes it out
    • C section
  • Question of

    What does Rachel think of time periods?

    • Jurassic, pre historic
    • Yore, yesteryear
    • Colonial, old days
    • Revolutionary
  • Question of

    Ross lies to Rachel to spend time with her at laundromat saying?

    • His laundromat suffered rat infection
    • Monica loves to do his laundry
    • To help Rachel with her laundry
    • He has not done his laundry yesterday
  • Question of

    Rachel kissed whom in senior year of college?

    • Monica
    • Mellisa
    • Tiffany
    • Jessica


What do you think?

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