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How well do you know Olympics?

The Olympic Games, which date back to ancient Greece about 3,000 years ago, were revived in the late 19th century and became the most important sporting event in the world.

Let see how much you know about it.

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    The first Olympic Games in old Greece regarded which God?

    • Zeus
    • Athena
    • Ares
    • Aphrodite
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    Which nation holds the most Summer Olympic medals?

    • Great Britan
    • U.S.A
    • Germany
    • China
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    Which athlete holds the record for most Olympic golds?

    • Borris Becker
    • Michael Phelps
    • Maria Shrapova
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    When did Great Britain last win an Olympic medal in soccer?

    • 2016
    • 1912
    • 1992
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    Where did Usain Bolt win his first Olympic medals?

    • Bejing 2008
    • London 2012
    • Athens 2004
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    How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win at the 1936 Nazi Olympics?

    • 2
    • 4
    • 3
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    Which nation does NOT dip their flag to the host nation’s leaders during the Opening Ceremony?

    • China
    • Russia
    • U.S.A
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    Which game is not included in Olympics?

    • Hockey
    • Football
    • Cricket
    • Swimming


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