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How well do you know computer acronyms?

Just a fun quiz to see how well you know what all those abbreviations actually stand for. No cheating!

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    What does EIDE stand for?

    • Enhanced IDE
    • Extra Integrated Deluxe Edition
    • Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
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    What did VLB stand for?

    • Vesa Local Bus
    • Very Light Backbone
    • Virtual Length Byte
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    What does BIOS stand for?

    • Binary Interface Operating System
    • Backbone Integrated Over Subnet
    • Basic Input/Output System
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    What does AHCI stand for?

    • Alterante Hardware Configuration Interrupt
    • Advance Host Controller Interface
    • Accelerated Handling Command Input
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    What does SATA stand for?

    • Sequence Agnostic Transport Acceleration
    • Sample And Target Action
    • Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
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    What does TCP/IP stand for?

    • Transport Compression Protocol / Image Processing
    • Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
    • Terminal Command Prompt / Interface Protocol
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    What does CMOS stand for?

    • Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
    • Command Mode Override Series
    • Cybernetic Manual Override Sequence
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    What does HDMI stand for?

    • Hardware Derived Main Interface
    • High Definition Multimedia Interface
    • High Definition Managed Integration
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    What does PCIE stand for?

    • Personal Computing Interface Excelertation
    • Printed Circuit Integration Enhancement
    • Peripheral Component Interconnect Express
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    What does TLA stand for?

    • Transport Layer Analog
    • Technology Level Access
    • Three Letter Acronym


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