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Weird Beliefs And Myths

This is quite a revelation. We live with very funny myths and weird beliefs. They can run one mad yet there are self made police and keepers of the beliefs. These beliefs and customs appear all over the world but I will narrow my research to Africa. My belief is that you can guess your way through the quiz. Do not question though. Just relax and move on. Actually it is very good to learn what happens in other parts of the world. From here I have learnt much about India, Tennessee and many other places round the world. As a representer of Africa, I switch your mind to the once called ‘a dark continent’. Ha ha ha

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    When you spit immediately a cock is about to mate with a hen, what will happen?

    • The cock will die
    • The semen will fall on the gtounf
    • The hen will collapse
    • Nothing will happen
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    If you tie the legs of a chicken with a string, put it on the ground and draw a circle round it, what will happen?

    • The chicken will cut the string
    • The chicken will lay an egg
    • The chicken will not move an inch
    • The circle will be bloody
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    If you whistle at night…

    • You will invite evil spirits
    • You will hear the echo of your whistle
    • Dead relatives will awaken
    • The whistle will not be heard
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    When you jump over a tethered animal…

    • The tether will cut
    • The animal will jump up
    • Nothing will happen
    • You will be barren
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    If you are the first person to find a person killed or committed suicide..

    • Pluck grass and throw it on the corpse
    • Carry the corpse at home
    • Call the police
    • Start wailing
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    To deter people from committing suicide…

    • Create awareness of disadvantages of suicide
    • Leave the victims to rot at the scene
    • Segregate the family of the victim
    • Thrash the corpse thoroughly
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    A woman whose husband died should…..before entertaining a close relative or being inherited.

    • Go to her maternal home
    • Cohabitate with a stranger even a madman
    • Sell her property.
    • Put on a veil
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    Do not call a snake by name at night…

    • Nothing will happen
    • The snake has no name
    • The snake is a pet
    • It will hear and come
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    The remedy for a child who bedwets..

    • To see a doctor
    • To be woken at night to relieve herself.
    • For the child to be napied
    • To tease her of tying a dead snake round her waist
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    The medicine for mumps

    • Throwing firewood on a special tree then run and hide in the house
    • Rub special herbs on the mumps
    • Call a doctor
    • Never mix with other children


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