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Vocabulary showdown ~ How wordy are you Quiz

There are some words that are permanent fixtures in our daily vocabulary and there are others we never use or would never need to use in our lifetime. However, it is enlightening to learn or discover new words or different words for some things we already know by different terms.

Test your knowledge on these  not so common  English language words from A to J. You will get  a choice of different words and you will have to pick the correct one. No peeking! Whether or not you are familiar with all the words  your vocabulary will be enhanced after the quiz so it is worth the effort. Above all have fun. The words used in the quiz are found in the Webster dictionary.

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    The natural separation of plants, leaves or bark

    • Cessation
    • acquiescence
    • abscission
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    A blow with a an object, a beating, torture

    • Bastinado
    • Bamboozle
    • Blench
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    Muscle pain or stiffness from a bruise or strain

    • Crank
    • Contraction
    • Charley horse
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    Tracing or a transfer technique

    • Decalcomania
    • Decrement
    • Decagon
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    A scanty amount

    • Extirpate
    • Exiguous
    • Extemporate
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    It’s formed in the stomach or intestine

    • Ferric
    • Flatus
    • Fecund
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    It keeps your trousers up

    • Galoshes
    • Gibbous
    • Galluses
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    A dress, trappings or equipment

    • Habillment
    • Harbringer
    • Harridan
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    Firey, volcanic

    • Ictus
    • Igneous
    • Incense
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    He buys goods to sell

    • Jour
    • Jongleur
    • Jobber


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  1. Thanks for making this cool quiz!
    As an Italian native speaker, I knew I was going to have a little advantage: some uncommon English words, that derive from Latin, can instead be common in Romance languages.
    A little knowledge and average guessing skills gave me 7/10. ?

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