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Virily Road Rally Word 2 Quiz

This quiz is part of a Road Rally on Virily. 

Please read ~ If you have reached this poll and didn’t start with the post titled,  “Virily Road Rally Starting Line”, and want to participate in this road rally then go find the starting line for this race! 

Having fun yet? You will be racing in California. 

Did you write down the letters in the first quiz? Can you unscramble them to make the first word? Clue # 5: The first word goes with this second word and is a daily challenge here on Virily. 

Can you find the letters in the second word? You won’t have to unscramble them, just write them down and wait for further instructions to find the ending of the race! 

  • Question of

    The first letter of this word is ___.

    • G
    • A
    • M
    • E
  • Question of

    The second letter is __ and is found ___.

    • S, on the tree.
    • H, on the sunlit part of the fence.
    • O, on the tree trunk shadow.
    • W, on the tree.
  • Question of

    This is the __.

    • S
    • n
    • a
    • p
  • Question of

    The __ is hidden in what color?

    • d, Grey
    • d, Green
    • b, Green
    • b, Gray
  • Question of

    This letter is hidden in _______ color and is the letter __.

    • Blue, r
    • Blue, e
    • Red, a
    • Red, d
  • Question of

    Last letter of the second word is ___.

    • Y
    • O
    • U
  • Question of

    Do you know what the two words were now?

    • Yes, they are Micro Monday
    • Yes, they are Macro Monday
  • Question of

    Last clue, are you ready for the finish line? Go find the poll titled, “The finish line!”.

    • Yes, will do.


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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