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Which Vintage Edgy Style Fits You?

Vintage Edgy style is a combination of urban streetwear, older items that were once trendy before the millennium, and mountain outdoorsy outfits. Vintage Edgy people prefer the outdoors, whether hiking in the mountains, hiking the hilly streets, or hanging out at downtown areas and cities. Such items can mostly be found at thrift stores, Goodwill, family heirlooms, and garage sales. This quiz will be based on four different styles, each worn at a different preferred location.

  • 1. What are your favorite pieces?

    • clothes with ruffles or soft textures, such as fake fur fabrics
    • puffy vests, denim, and flannel plaid shirts
    • turtlenecks, ski jackets, and hoodies
    • sequin dresses, moto jackets, and a metallic purse
  • 2. What colors do you mostly wear for winter?

    • violet, lime green, orange, and brown
    • denim blue, heather gray, khaki, and olive green
    • red, navy blue, white, burgundy, and pine green
    • black, gold, silver, and neon bright colors
  • 3. What are your favorite eras for fashion?

    • 50s and 60s
    • 70s and 90s
    • 80s and 90s
    • 70s and 80s
  • 4. Purse Choice:

    • camera bag with 50mm camera and flashlight as well as small purses
    • insulated tote bag for thermos, bento box, and first aid kit
    • Backpack and Fanny-pack
    • Duffle Bag and evening purse
  • 5. Hat Choice:

    • pillbox hat and floppy hat
    • ribbed knit beanie
    • earmuffs and knit cap
    • flat cap and newsboy cap
  • 6. Must-haves:

    • driving gloves, cute hat, designer scarf, and cute belt
    • Walking stick, thermos, rolled-up fleece blanket, and light scarf
    • knit or wool scarf, ski goggles, mittens, legwarmers, armwarmers, and sunscreen
    • makeup, iPhone, iPad, hairbrush, and earrings
  • 7. Shoes Choice:

    • boots and pumps
    • hiking boots and combat boots
    • sneakers and snow boots when not wearing ski boots or ice skates
    • platforms, stacked heels sandals, stilettos, and any shoes with high heels

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