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Vikings are the old people from northern Europe. Their successors are Icelanders, Swedes, Danes and Norwegians. Many people think they were wild, but they were actually very good sailors and fishermen. Many believe that they first came to America via Greenland but there is no written evidence about it. They are often shown in movies as big conquers, and their religion is best known as Thor.

In this quiz, check out the knowledge about the Vikings. Good luck.

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    In what North American country were the oldest remains of the Viking?

    • USA
    • Canada
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    In what century did the legendary Viking Ragnar Lodbrok live?

    • 11th
    • 9th
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    After the death of Viking, who had complete control over his property?

    • His wife
    • His brother
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    What was the name of the first Lodbrok’s wife?

    • Lagertha
    • Almeta
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    What was the name of Odin’s wife, the mother of many gods?

    • Beadolhid
    • Frigg
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    Although they are known as warriors, what did most of the Vikings have to do?

    • farming
    • fishing
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    In Viking’s Mythology, who were often servants of the giants?

    • Humans
    • Trolls
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    What was the name of the supreme Viking god?

    • Thor
    • Odin


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