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Venus Quiz

How much do you know about our sister planet, Venus?

Venus is called “sister planet” as it is nearly the same size as Earth. But that is where the similarity ends.

What interesting facts do you know about Venus? Take this quiz and find out.


  • Venus orbits between which two planets?

    • Mercury and Earth
    • Earth and mars
  • What is the Diameter of Venus?

    • 7521 miles
    • 12,521 miles
  • Is Venus the…

    • Densest planet
    • Hottest planet
  • Venus is…

    • the fourth planet from the sun
    • the second planet from the sun
  • Does Venus have a moon?

    • Yes
    • No
  • How long is Venus’ day?

    • 116 days, 18 hours
    • 1.2 days
  • How far is Venus from the sun?

    • 93.5 million miles
    • 67.24 million miles
  • Of all the planets, Venus has the …

    • longest rotation
    • shortest rotation

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