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Hello my virily friends. Good morning of bright Saturday. I was decide  to stopped the quizzes on this language because I thank somebody not like that. The second reason was delay of approval. My last two quizzes eight and nine was approved after two weeks of delay. So I was  disappointed. But some my friends asked me that this is a teaching and useful for people who want to learn about Urdu. So I share another quiz on the subject for friends who really interested to learn the Urdu language. I hope after reading these sentences you will easily understand the matter. I will trying and facilitate the friends to providing better step when you goes to the Urdu speaking countries. After learning and understanding Urdu you will feel more comfort . I hope you will continue your participation and enjoy. Thanks all of you very much

  • Question of

    Where is your traveling documents?

    • Apky safri kaghzat kahan hain
    • Ap safer kis per krengy
    • Ap kis jahaz say safar krengy
  • Question of

    In which country you belong?

    • Ap kis mulk ky hain
    • Ap kahan ja rhy hain
    • Ap ka mulk kis cheez main mashoor hy
  • Question of

    What is the name of capital city of your country

    • Apky mulk ky darulkhelafa ka kia name hy
    • Ap ky mulk ka bra sher Ka kia name hy
    • Ap ky mulk main Kia cheez ziada hy
  • Question of

    How many days you will stay here?

    • Ap kitny din yahan rukengy
    • Ap kahan per rukengy
    • Ap kis liy yahan rukengy
  • Question of

    What is the name of big city of your country?

    • Ap ky mulk ka bary sher Ka kia name hy
    • Apky mulk ky choty sher Ka kia name hy
    • Apky mulk ky sasty sher Ka kia name hy
  • Question of

    I come here alongwith my son

    • Main yahan apny baap ky sath aya hun
    • Main yahan apny bety ky sath aya hun
    • Main yahan apni beti ky sath aya hun
  • Question of

    What is the age of your son?

    • Apky baty ki umer kia hy
    • Apky bety ka rang kasa hy
    • Apky bety kitny hain
  • Question of

    What is your religion?

    • Apka masla kia hy
    • Apka mazhab Kia hy
    • Apka tareeka kia hy


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