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Urdu Special – 15

Hello friends , good lovely evening.  I am very great full alI of you because  like and participating on my quizzes. I am also appreciate the Virily because virily provide a platform to shere important subject with friends. Due to this platform I struggling to learn the subject language to friends. Also thanks of virily friends who response on my quizzes and participation.

As you know I am trying to learn Urdu to my friend who are interested in this field because  language of the different countries and area is a very important thank for the strangers. When you not now the language of the area where you want to go then you face planty of difficulties. How you ask to someone for the solution of your problems. So learning of language specially major language of a country is very essential. I here trying to learn Urdu for those who want to visit to the south Asia countries. I started from the very basic so anyone who interested to learn and understand about this language.

  • Question of

    Today was the hot day

    • Aj ka din garm nai tha
    • Aj ka din garm tha
    • Aj ka din thanda tha
  • Question of

    I want cool water for bath

    • Mujy nahany ky liy thanda Pani chahy
    • Mujy nahany ky liy thanda Pani nai chay
    • Mujy nahany ky liy garm Pani chahy
  • Question of

    We want to build new house

    • Ham Nia ghar bnanai chahty hain
    • Ham Nia ghar nai bnana chahty hain
    • Ham Nia ghar main Jana chahty hain
  • Question of

    My father give me money today

    • Mary abbu nain mujy aj paisy diy
    • Mary abbu nain aj mujy paisy nai diy
    • Mary abbu aj mujy paisy daingy
  • Question of

    Give me new shoes

    • Mujy nai jooty do
    • Mujy purany jooty do
    • Mujy jooty mat do
  • Question of

    My foot is injured today

    • Aj Mara paoun zakhmi hy
    • Aj Mara paoun zakhmi nai hy
    • Aj Mara paoun theek hy
  • Question of

    I will go to the park at evening

    • Main aj sham main park japungi
    • Main aj sham park main nai jounhi
    • Main aj sham park.ka soch rahi hun
  • Question of

    Lovely evening today

    • Aj bht piari sham hy
    • Aj bht piari sham nai hy
    • Aj ki sham achi ho jaygi


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