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Ugly Creatures

Everyone cannot be beautiful and these creatures just have the luck of being among the ugliest. I have added pictures of them and descriptions. All you have to do is choose their right names. Some of these ugly creatures I have spoken about in polls.

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    This is a nocturnal lemur with an unusually long middle finger. It eats grubs beneath the bark of trees.

    • aye aye
    • bug eye
    • mye mye
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    This creature is from Canada. It has odd kind of tentacles that sprout from its face. They have sensitive receptors that help it find its way around

    • Radiating nose mole
    • Star nosed mole
    • Flat nosed mole
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    This rare shark live in the deep blue sea. It has very wide jaws so it can swallow its prey whole

    • Wide mouth shark
    • Sharp teeth shark
    • Frilled shark
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    This species of fish uses a lure to catch its prey

    • Anglerfish
    • Hookfish
    • Sharptooth fish
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    This creature is one of two species one being common and this one,

    • Sandy warthog
    • Desert warthog
    • Mud warthog
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    This is an odd creature that is great at camouflage, It uses a rod and lure to attract prey

    • Spiky froggy
    • Hairy fishfrog
    • Hairy frogfish
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    This is a different species of anglerfish. The males are much smaller than the females. They attach themselves permanently to the female’s body

    • Glowfish
    • Illuminated netdevil
    • Devilhead
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    Part of the octopus family living in the depths of the sea

    • Yellow octopus
    • Onion octopus
    • Dumbo octopus
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    This is a bird of prey living in Africa. It has a bald head and is a scavenging bird.

    • Bald head vulture
    • Lappet-faced vulture
    • Big beak vulture
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    This creature is the largest of the wolfish family.

    • Atlantic wolffish
    • Canadian wolffish
    • Giant wolffish
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    This odd creature is found in equatorial Africa. The males have large heads and use them to amplify the loud honking noises to attract females.

    • Flatheaded bat
    • Hammer headed bat
    • Oddheaded bat
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    This poor monkey is found on the island of Borneo. It is an endangered species.

    • Pinocchio monkey
    • Big nosed monkey
    • Proboscis monkey


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