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"Twinkles stopped by the police" The CSI Game.

If you ended up here without looking at the photograph shown in the link below titled, “CSI Game Photograph”., go check out this photograph then come back and answer these questions.

Good luck and have fun! 

  • How old is Twinkles?

    • 10-20 yrs.
    • 20-40
    • 50 or above.
  • What was Twinkles doing with his hands?

    • He had his gun drawn.
    • He had a bunch of flowers he just picked in them.
    • He had his hands in his pockets.
    • He was writing a love letter to Sparkles.
  • What was the officer doing?

    • Saying a prayer.
    • Writing notes.
    • Getting ready to handcuff Twinkles.
    • Winding up the wires on his taser.
  • What can you tell me about Twinkles clothes?

    • He had on a black jacket, black pants, and sandals.
    • He had on a striped shirt, black jeans and sandals.
    • He had on a T-shirt, black pants and Tennis shoes.
    • He had on a floral Hawaiian shirt, shorts and boots.
  • What kind of plant was behind them?

    • Cactus
    • Bougainvillea
    • Palm Tree
    • Sun Flowers
  • What color was the police car?

    • Blue and White
    • Green and White
    • Yellow and White
    • Black and White
  • What number was on the police car?

    • 666
    • 123
    • 122
    • 211
  • What color of font was used in the word, “Police” on the car?

    • Mostly White
    • Mostly Black
    • Mostly Blue
    • Mostly Silver
  • Did the police car have lights on top?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What color was the police man’s uniform?

    • White and Red
    • Tan and Green
    • Blue
    • Black
  • What slogan was written on the car?

    • To protect and serve.
    • Service with pride.
    • Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.
    • Making a difference.

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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