Trade and industry: a quiz

This is quite a wide-ranging general knowledge quiz with a focus on economic activity, both current and historical. As ever – it’s just for fun!

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    To what length is it possible to draw out one gram of gold?

    • 2.4 metres
    • 24 metres
    • 240 metres
    • 2,400 metres
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    Which country is the world’s largest supplier of teak?

    • Brazil
    • Myanmar
    • India
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo
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    When the Crystal Palace was built in London’s Hyde Park in 1851, how did the planners deal with the mature trees that were on the site?

    • They were cut down and the timber used by the Royal Navy
    • They were uprooted and replanted in the grounds of Buckingham Palace
    • The building was erected around the trees which were then contained within it
    • The building was re-designed so that it avoided the trees
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    What was the Colossus, developed in Buckinghamshire, England, in 1943?

    • An atom bomb
    • An airship
    • A computer
    • A railway locomotive
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    In which country are the world’s deepest mines?

    • South Africa
    • Russia
    • United States
    • China
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    Which port handles the greatest amount of trade in the world?

    • Hong Kong
    • Singapore
    • Hamburg
    • Rotterdam
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    Where were the world’s first windmills built in the 7th century?

    • Netherlands
    • Iran
    • Egypt
    • India
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    What is the principal crop of the United Arab Emirates?

    • Sorghum
    • Millet
    • Dates
    • Figs
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    In which year did the Boeing 747 enter regular service?

    • 1965
    • 1970
    • 1975
    • 1980
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    The spinning wheel arrived in Europe in the 13th century, but which country is believed to be its origin?

    • India
    • Egypt
    • China
    • Iran


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